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"The Dirty Bird" Double Rider's Horsehide Jacket – Suede Black

"The Dirty Bird" Double Rider's Horsehide Jacket – Suede Black

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Leather at 9L is foundational for us. Our version of a classic double rider’s jacket features a slightly more tailored fit and contemporary lapels while honoring vintage details and vintage spirit. Our jacket also features elastic-banded bi-swing shoulders with unique shoulder construction to limit seam bulk.

We are thrilled and honored to introduce a 9L-developed and exclusive custom suede horsehide from the famed Shinki tannery. We have increased the oil it’s impregnated with to give it a more substantial and supple hand. The liner is a top-quality Japanese water-resistant military nylon/cotton moleskin and the zippers are all by the esteemed Riri.

Even the lamb leather tag is a special collaboration with an Italian workshop. This jacket is pure Jurassic Park ethos—spare no expense.


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