About Cruce&Co.

Kotaro Sato established Cruce&Co. in 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with the idea of not only creating art but as a total concept and creative philosophy based on "Art In Life." With a background in painting and painting restoration learned in the United States and Italy respectively, Kotaro innovates by combining classic silhouettes with an artist's eye for adapting cutting-edge technology.

Kotaro uses natural materials such as leather, mud, wood, wax, iron, fabric, and bare metals, with processing and treatments gleaned from antiquity for his made pieces, and adapts that aesthetic into his apparel designs. 

Kotaro Sato is also an accomplished tattoo artist, and was based in Los Angeles for a number of years practicing his craft. To this day, he sees clients from the states, Europe, and Japan alike by private appointment.

All of these facets nourish Kotaro's design aesthetic and commitment to quality.

Cruce&Co. is one of two brands under the same roof—the other, a collaboration called Nine Lives, is a reinvigorated take on American heritage.